FOB deposit

FOB deposit
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*Hall Walkers, pay $20 If you have a FOB from previous years, you will pay the reactivation fee of $10. The cards are obsolete and you'll need to pay $15 and stop by to exchange the card for a FOB.

Hall Walking guidelines

 *Volunteers, contracted employees (Mid State, Northern Pines, DNR, Pierz Police) and student teachers will pay a $20 deposit for the use of a FOB or classroom key and $30 for a coach key.

 *Head coaches and assistant coaches on staff will not be required to pay a deposit and will return coaching keys upon the resignation of their position.  

 *Non staff coaches of all positions will be required to pay the deposit.

 *Lost keys have a replacement cost of up to $50.

Access to facilities comes with a responsibility to adhere to the following policies and procedures:

1.     First in- last out. You are required to be present and supervise students in its duration.

2.     Proper behavior of participants. You are responsible for what is happening. If there are individuals that do not belong there, you have every right to ask them to leave.

3.     Return location to original state in which you found it. Dispose of trash, put materials away.

4.     Use facility but supply your own equipment. Unless you have permission, please do not use equipment that belongs to the school or athletic programs.

5.     Secure all areas. Do not prop open doors or allow students into areas of the building that have not been reserved. When completed, make sure no one is left in building, shut off lights, lock doors.

*In fairness to all the residents of District 484, your access to the building should be restricted to the intended purpose – it should not be used to entertain friends, other groups, relatives etc.

*Access to the building is given to you and should not be shared with other groups, friends or family members.

*Access is limited to between 7am and 9pm and a 48 hour advance notice is required. An opening on the facility calendar does not mean that the space is open. Please be respectful in scheduling the spaces in advance. Our custodians do an amazing job of juggling their work around reservations of groups using the facilities.

*I have read, understand and agree to these policies and procedures by paying this deposit. I understand that abuse of the privilege to hold a FOB will result in its deactivation. 

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