Online Permit Test

Online Permit Test
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Full Legal Name (1st, Middle & Last)
Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year)
Student Email
Do you have a license from another state?
Did you complete the 30 hour classroom in Pierz?
Has student take permit test before?


Now offering the online permit test at Healy High School for students who have taken the 30 hour class in Pierz . Located in the computer lab. The student will receive a confirmation email from Sarah the day prior with location, date and time so check your email! 

You need to bring an school ID or form that has your full legal name. You will need to check your phone or other materials in with the proctor.

   Important guidelines: 
  • You have 30 minutes from the time you sign in to the site to complete the test. 
  • If you open another internet browser while you are taking the test, your test will end with an automatic fail. 
  • No study materials or cell phone use is allowed during the test. 

Email or call 320-468-6458 ext 7 with additional questions. 

Once registered, the student will receive an email confirming the time and date. Tests are offered during Pioneer time most days. Please be sure the student is checking their school email. 

Little Falls DMV is now offering the test daily at no charge. Call 651-284-1234 to schedule a test. A student may only test in Pierz 3 times and then must test at the DMV if has not passed.

For the first time, DVS has released a practice test for the class D written test. The test consists of 25 practice questions to help people prepare for the written test.

 Here is a direct link to the practice test

*While affecting less than 5% of families, I feel I need to alert you that there have been issues when arriving at the DMV to register with their passed test. Please know that while I can proctor the test, I have limited access once completed. The staff at the LF DMV also have limited access to search for tests proctored at a 3rd party site (here at school). If there are issues, the staff in St Cloud need to be called and this has resulted in some families needing to return to the DMV later. Unfortunately, this is out of our control and frustrating for all involved.  

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