23-24 School Readiness Variable

23-24 School Readiness Variable
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23-24 School Readiness Variable
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Monthly School Readiness tuition is required unless a family has acquired a scholarship. 

Please see the sliding fee scale in your handbook or the tuition policy to determine your price. It is based on how many family members and the gross annual income of your household.

Scale A -$1500 per year  ($175 x 9 months)

Scale B- $1225 per year   ($132 x 9 months)

Scale C- $750 per year   ($90 x 9 months)

Scale D- $450 per year   ($48 x 9 months)

You can contact Sarah Funk to create an automatic monthly payment. If you set up auto payments, you will not be charged the monthly service charge.

You can make payments on your account towards tuition every month once registered. Please pay in full by April, 2024. You do not need to wait until September to make payments. In order to avoid a monthly service charge, please play your tuition in full or set up auto payments by September 30. The monthly rate reflects a service charge.

If you fall into Scale C or D, you may qualify for Free and Reduced lunch and be eligible for an Early Learning Scholarship. The deposit is not needed if you complete the application. Please call the Community Education office. 

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23-24 School Readiness Variable
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